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Competitions are open to everyone. However, three conditions must be met: 
1. Be the holder of the FFGolf annual licence 
2. Have obtained its green card or 53 index according to the rules of the day 
3. To have submitted its annual medical certificate of fitness for golf 


Registration for competitions

Players register with the Secretariat no later than 48 hours before the competition.

The departure times are available from the Secretariat, or directly on the golf or FFGolf site, the day before the competition, at the end of the morning.


Competition day

Please introduce yourself before your departure time to the Secretariat to set your right to play and/or your green fee.

Type a few bullets in the practice to warm up and avoid pressure on tee No. 1.

Be present at least 10 minutes before the departure time on the relevant tee.

Awards ceremony

A prize-giving ceremony takes place at the end of the competition: all competitors are invited to participate for the pleasure of finishing the day and share a moment of conviviality as a sign of thanks to the sponsors.

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